This is an edited testimonial from Penny’s owner as at November 2017. Penny’s response to treatment (as seen with “Bart”, who follows) shows that the capsules not only have improved her degenerative condition they have also brightened her up. The majority of owners report that their pets (many are put on the capsules because they are old and have run out of puff) become brighter, are more interactive and much more playful.


In 2016 Penny started to have difficulty walking on and co-ordinating her back legs. Her spine became arched and she dragged her left rear leg to the extent that the fur was abraded and sores formed on the top of her foot.

She also had difficulty squatting to urinate and eventually had to urinate from an upright position.

By April 2017, aged 14 years and 11 months it was obvious that her quality of life was compromised. I decided to source wheels to aid mobility. I discussed this with Dr Corbett and he suggested I trial Penny on a 100% natural supplement he had developed.

Penny started the capsules immediately and within a week the signs were positive. She started to weight bear on her left rear leg. Her appetite improved and she was more alert. The brightness in her eyes returned indicating that someone had turned the lights on again. Signs of improvement continued. 

Penny is now 15.5 years old and walking daily around the perimeter of the football oval near home. She weight bears on both back legs and at times breaks into a trot. Squatting to urinate is again normal. Although her spine remains arched the muscle in her thighs has bulked up and withering is no longer evident.

Her quality of life has improved greatly and she is enjoying being mobile and matriarch of her two companion Pugs.

(The capsules) are truly a “Miracle Potion”.

This is an edited testimonial from Bart’s owner as at November 2017. Bart, a 12.7 year old male Doberman.


From January 2017 Bart showed signs of weakness in his back legs and a little in the front. We have a tiled house and he lives inside at night. He was having difficulty walking on any smooth surface. He would slip splaying his legs outwards. He would then panic and let his front legs go ending flat on the floor and in deep distress. He could not get up without major assistance and encouragement. He displayed a sad demeanour with dropped tail, had no wish to play anymore and was generally unhappy.

We tried some treatment of brand named drugs but to little effect. We got to a stage in April where we had basically decided to have him euthanised if the falling down continued as it was so distressing to not only Bart but all the family.

Our vet Harry Corbett made contact with us at the end of April asking if we would be prepared to try out [a different treatment] on Bart (and also his mate Chad who is 14 years).

We agreed and within two weeks Bart had started to change back to a younger version of himself. He was happier, started to play with his mate again, brighter eyes and waging tail. He was not slipping so often on the floor, and if he did he could pick himself up (slowly). As of this date he NO LONGER falls, now runs around like a puppy, has a happy demeanour, barks like he never did before and his coat shines. He has become a magnificent example of an old pure Doberman. We call this treatment the “miracle of Bart”. It is now hard to believe we were preparing to euthanise him 7 months ago and cannot thank Harry and his team for all the hard work they are putting into this program.

Our Jack Russel Chad is also on the and has become so happy with not only himself but with his best mate that he that he now runs around with him again.